Lumina (Aldi) Steam Mop Review

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Gone are the days of bending or getting on your knees to scrub your floor, we have now got better and more efficient ways of doing it. Are you interested in efficiency and effectiveness? Then you will want to get a steam mop, and not just any but a Lumina steam mop.

It works well for hard floors and you will need no bucket or chemicals before you have your surfaces clean and shiny. This mop will sanitize your floors with its abundant steam that it outputs using a power of 850 W. In addition to that, it has got a tank of 400 ml which will serve you for some good time before you have to refill.


  • It is cheap, $50 is not high a price when paying for a steam mop
  • Cleans hard floors very well


  • This steam mop can not reach corners therefore that means that you have to use a mop and bucket to get rid of the dirt in corners
  • Despite the 400 ml water tank, it does not take long before one has to refill the water tank
  • It is a hassle to refill the tank
  • It takes long before it can heat up
  • The cord is short so it can not work in large places and maneuvering becomes almost impossible
  • The cleaning cloths are very weak
  • The manual of this steam mop has got no trouble shooting details so if you have a problem, you can do nothing about it unless it is very simple.
  • Due to the very thin pads, moving this mop is very clumsy
  • It can not work well on anything that is not of a hard or rough surface as it will scratch it
  • It leaves water behind making it inevitable for you to pick a bucket and mop to dry the surfaces.


I guess, given the cheap price you get it at, $50, one is hardly surprised that it hardly gives good results. The other thing is that most people think that these mops had been used before they were re-packaged for sale since some of them are dirty even before use or parts are breaking at one touch.  That is why I can not recommend this steam mop to anyone. You’d rather do some more research whilst you still make use of that traditional mop and bucket.

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